Whirlpool Gas Dryer #GGW9200LW0 is not heating up

If your gas dryer GGW9200LW0 is not heating up, then you may want to get a cup of coffee, sit down and read my long troubleshooting guide.

Here are the parts that maybe bad within your dryer:

Your Glow Bar Igniter (see image below) is located in front of the valve/burner assembly (see diagram below #4) it maybe burned out.

How to test a gas dryer ignitor when it is not heating up?

To get to your igniter, remove the lower front access panel by removing the 2 screws on the bottom of the panel. Now start your dryer and make sure you select high heat and you didn't forget it on air fluff (no heat). Now take a look at the bottom and find your igniter. Here you will see three things happening, first your igniter is not glowing red, second it's glowing red but fading off without any burner ignition, and third it's glowing red and the burner comes on normally. Now let's talk about each one of them.

FIRST: If your igniter is not glowing red, then it may be burned out. Here is how you can troubleshoot it: You need to use a multimeter (click here to learn how to use a multimeter). Disconnect the wire harness that connected to the igniter, take your multimeter and set it on volt reading and hook up the two probes to the wire harness that coming out from the valve/burner assembly and start your dryer. If your meter reads about 120 volts, then your glow bar igniter is definitely defective. The manufacturer part number for your igniter is 279311 icon. You can buy it online from Appliance Parts Pros, and you should be able to install it by yourself. They even have a video showing you how to install it. Clich here to watch the video icon

But if there is not any reading (no voltage), then there is a list of parts that maybe bad, and they are connected and wired in series circuit between the electronic control board (timer) and the gas valve/burner assembly. Each one of them can be tested for continuity. Please read my next page to troubleshoot the next part " Thermal Fuse ".

glow bar ignitor diagram 279311 dryer ignitor 279311 icon

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