Whirlpool Gas Dryer #GGW9200LW0 is not heating up

If your gas dryer GGW9200LW0 is not heating up, then you may want to test your thermal fuse.

How to test a gas dryer thermal fuse when it is not heating up

Your Thermal Fuse (see image below) is located on the exhaust duct inside your dryer (see diagram #59). This fuse can't be re-set. To get to your Thermal Fuse, remove the lower front access panel by removing the 2 screws on the bottom of the panel. You may want to remove the lint screen housing to get to it. Here I will show you how to test a gas dryer thermal fuse when your dryer is not heating up. You don't have to detach the thermal fuse to test it, just disconnect the two wires from it. Now bring your multimeter and set it on resistance or ohms reading and hook up the two multimeter probes to thermal fuse. (Click here to learn how to use a multimeter). Replace it if you have no resistance or continuity between the two terminals. The manufacturer part number for your thermal fuse is 3390719. And you can buy it online from Appliance Parts Pros and you should be able to install it by yourself.

Now if your thermal fuse is good, then let's jump to the next part and don't forget to connect back the thermal fuse wires. Please read my next page to troubleshoot the next possible part " Hi - Limit Thermostat ".

Thermal Fuse part 3390719

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