Whirlpool Gas Dryer #GGW9200LW0 is not heating up

If your gas dryer GGW9200LW0 is not heating up, then you may want to test your Radiant or Flame Sensor.

How to test your radiant or flame sensor #WP338906

Your Radiant or Flame Sensor (see diagram #48) is also located on the funnel/burner. The flame sensor senses the heat from the igniter and controls the gas valve to open when the glow bar igniter become cherry red. If your igniter doesn't glow red, then test your flame sensor for continuity. Disconnect the two wires from the sensor and use your multimeter. Replace it if you have no continuity between the two terminals. Now if your igniter starts to get red and it remains red for more than a minute, without any flame ignition, then the flame sensor isn't sensing the igniter heat and it will not open the gas valve. Your flame sensor is bad and will need to be replaced. The manufacturer part number for your sensor is 338906. You can buy it from the Appliance Parts Pros and you should be able to install it by your self. Also, they have a video on how to install it.

Now if your igniter starts to glow red but fading off, then get ready to order another cup of coffee and keep reading because we are moving to the next situation. Please read my next page to troubleshoot the next part " Gas Solenoid Coils ".

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